McNally, Patrick
44 of Warren, RI passed away on Thursday, May 29. He was the husband of Angela (Perruzzi) McNally. Born in Greenfield, Ma. He was the son of William McNally and Ruth Turcotte, and the brother of Steve McNally. He was a Steamfitter with UA Local 51 before being injured. He and his wife were members of various Mini Cooper Clubs around New England. He was an active client of Journey Forward, an exercised based program designed for people with spinal cord injuries.
Arrangements are with Smith Funeral Home & Memorial Services, 8 Schoolhouse Rd, Warren, where family will receive friends Tuesday, 4-7pm. and Wednesday at 10am with service to follow at 11am at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Journey Forward, 755 Dedham St, Canton, Ma 02021


Boy am I terrible at updating this blog. I wish that I was a talented writer and that I could update this blog with witty stories and such. Sadly I am not so you must put up with sporadic updates and boring crap.
With the strange apology out of the way for not updating you there is actually some good news in the McNally household. Pat has gotten some new sensations through out his body and we are hoping it is a sign of things to come. After 6 years, yes I said 6 years! Can you believe it has been that long? I can’t! Pat has gotten some feeling in his right foot. Some good/bad news is that he has really bad nerve pain all the way down his arms into his finger tips. The reason I say good/bad is that for the longest time he has only had the nerve pain down to his elbows. Therefore, the good is it is something new he is feeling but the bad is it is pain. He says it is like having a extremely bad sunburn on your legs then putting on a pair jeans and going for a 2 mile walk. The other good news is he has lost over a 100 lbs! For awhile he was content to stay were he was but realized he needs to lose 40 lbs more, so he has decided to get serious again and has a goal to lose the weight by July 2013. Lets hope he can stick with it! With the weight loss we are hoping that he can do more things that would make his life more enjoyable.
Other than that, our little piece of the world is quiet with not much going on. Pat is going to Journey Forward, three times a week and still work extremely hard when there. The past year we found a wonderful aid whom Pat trusts and she takes him to and from JoFo allowing me to get a break 3 days a week to do somethings I like. So the past year I have started back up with yoga, learned to rock climb and belly dance. Pat says I’m not as cranky as I was getting to be. It just shows you that we all need to take care of our selves before we can take care of others. On that note I’m going to sign off since spring has finally sprung here in New England and get outside before the rain they are predicting starts. Until my next update when ever that could be, May all your dreams come true and if not maybe you find happiness and peace with where you are at. Love Ang


Wow! Can’t believe it’s been another year. Sorry we don’t post very often but it’s one of those things that get put aside, unfortunately. I’m not sure how many people actually still read this blog but I still like to update it. Pat has lost over 100 pounds, the weight loss is actually increased some different functionality by a little bit. Pat still continues to go to Journey Forward three times a week, and has had some increase sensations in his legs, maybe one of these days he will up and walking in the next couple years. Really not much else to report on Pat’s disability, everything is still pretty much the same. We just keep praying something will change.

We did have a new addition to the family, we adopt a new kitty and named her Gabby.


Happy Fall

Well the air is turning brisk and it is time to break out the sweaters. With the cooler weather brings more OT and PT for Pat. Pat continues to work out at Journey Forward and he has recently starting going to Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital for some OT. His doctor sent us there to try some new therapies and Pat is very excited since he has started getting wrist movement. He has used a machine called Myomo e100 that works your biceps and triceps (click links for better descriptions.) He has very strong biceps but his triceps are weak since they have just started to work by themselves. The biceps help bend your elbow and the triceps are the muscles on the back of your arm that help straighten your arm out. This type of motion would help Pat be able to transfer in and out of his wheelchair by himself. The next machine is the Inmotion Arm Robot. Pat loved this machine since it was like playing a video game, something he misses alot. The machine really works your wrist and since he has just started getting some movement there it was great to see him work with this robot. What he had to do is move a dot on the video screen to different points on the monitor, as he moved the dot if he got “stuck” or took to long the robot would help him. The idea was to have different reading on the machine be as close to zero as possible. In all the different exercises he was at zero or very close, which meant he did most of the work with little assistance from the robot. The next thing he used was the Bioness H200. He really liked this machine since it allowed him to use his hand functionally. It worked by sending electrical stimulation into his hand causing it to open and close. This is very helpful because it gives him the ability to grasp things with his fingers. Unfortunately, I can not take video or pictures at the Rehab hospital since it is not allowed, so the only thing you can do is look at video links of the above machines.

Pat is doing very well with his diet and has lost almost 80 pounds! He is feeling better and with his new arm movements, he is even more pumped to get up and about.

Our little niece is growing fast and is up and walking! We just celebrated her first birthday and I wanted to share this video of her playing with Uncle Pat’s wheelchair.

That is all for now hopefully will have some more good news soon.

Can’t believe how time flies!

Hi Everyone,

Can’t believe how time flies. Sorry I don’t post here as much as I should but get busy doing things and forget. I honestly can’t say what I’ve been doing but I can say not posting here. Not to much to report here but we are doing well. Pat has been on a weight loss program since the fall and is now down to 270 lbs, this great since he had lost of 50 lbs. He is also starting to get a little movement in his wrist. What he can do is flex his hand upwards 2 or 3 times but then it burns out. I want to get a video of him doing this but keep forgetting. We had a test done at the doctors office that test the electrical stimulation getting thru the muscles and he is functioning at a C7 level in some of his muscles. This is good news since he started out with C5 functioning. Other than that the only other exciting thing is we have started my kitchen remodel this week and our little niece Lexi has learned to crawl. Well thank you for reading my ramblings, until next time we love you all!

Just a little video

Hi everyone, wanted to share a little video I made of Pat walking on the treadmill at Journey Forward. Keep in mind it takes a small army to walk a mile. Also just a heads up the video is sideways it was filmed on my cell phone and I’m not sure how to turn it right side up. Click here

Happy New Year

Oh My God!!!!!! Can you believe it is another year gone by already. Here it is half way into January of 2011 and I haven’t updated here so long. So far 2011 is starting out pretty crappy over here in the McNally household. We have had nothing but problems since Christmas eve when Pat’s power wheelchair broke. We are still waiting for the part to come in it was supposed to have been shipped on 12/30/10 and here is is 1/16/11 and still no part!!!!!! It is so frustrating for Pat since he is already has to rely on me for so much but now he can’t move at all in his manual chair so if he needs something or wants to do something he has to call me to help him. Thankfully it happened now that the weather sucks because if it were summer I think he would be even more depressed. Besides his chair being broke Pat’s spasms have been horrible. You just look at him and he starts to tremor so we have been back and forth to Boston to try and figure out what is going on. We still have no answers for that yet. His doctor thinks the catheter that goes from his balcofen pump to his spine may have shifted and we are going into Brigham and Womens hospital for a follow up to see if that is the problem but that wont happen for the next couple weeks. If that is the only problem he’ll have to have outpatient surgery to adjust that so things are up in the air for a little while.
Now that the holidays are past we are back to our diets. Pat has lost 57 lbs and I have 15 lbs more to loose. Pat’s goal is to get down to about 220 lbs and then work with the doctors to find the appropriate weight to maintain. He is a big guy so they don’t want him to skinny since that would give us other things to worry about.
On the bright side of things Pat has been getting some strange and new sensations through out his body. His triceps have started to work. This is great news since this is what he needs to strengthen in order to push a power assist wheelchair. They burn out quick but it has been a consistent thing now for about 4 months. He has also gotten some quad muscle firing in his legs when he is doing squats on the total gym at Journey Forward. So as always keep him in your prayers that some day soon he will be up and about.
As always we love you all and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. For your viewing please our niece Lexi at 4 months old she has gotten so big.

Our niece Alexis Jean

Join us in welcoming our new niece Alexis Jean! She was born on September 16, she is a healthy, bouncing baby girl, weighing in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 inches long. Uncle Pat and I already have plans to spoil her rotten and Pat can’t wait until she can start driving. He is already planning on getting her into a race car by time she is 6 (if not sooner).

Lexi is our biggest news right now but those of you looking for an update on Pat things are still moving along. He has lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks. Hopefully by this time next year we will have big things to report, keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your prayers. At this time he still has no new movements or feeling to report but his nerve pain has increased down into his hands. The nerve pain is a catch 22, the bad is: he describes it as having a 3 degree sunburn and putting on your jeans the good is: something is going on. That being said it could go on like that for a long time with no changes.

Keep us in your prayers and I’ll update next month. Thank you.